Energy & Sustainability Club is the first Energy Club in Greece and it was established on February 2012.


Energy & Sustainability Club is a professionals club dedicated to promote awareness among professionals, academics and policy makers on energy and sustainability related issues.


Energy & Sustainability Club operates in close collaboration with MBA International program of Athens University of Economics & Business.


Our targets are to create:

  1. A professional network of executives in energy, environment and sustainable development sectors.
  2. A knowledge exchange platform among academia, market, regulatory authorities and international organizations regarding the modern challenges in energy and environment. Researchers (professors, ph.d candidates e.t.c.) communicate their research through Club’s newsletter to the market or the policy makers.
  3. A forum of discussion and concerning the hotly debated energy and environmental topics of modern societies.
  4. A communication channel between different disciplines such as engineering, economics, public policy, environment, sustainable development where students, alumni, faculty and energy professionals can shape and share ideas concerning the upcoming new Energy Era.
  5. A cell of innovation inside university producing breakthrough ideas and collaborating with top AUEB laboratories.
  6. An international academic hub collaborating with other Energy Clubs from all over the world.
  7. An entrepreneurship vehicle by promoting new ideas and encouraging start-ups in energy, environment & sustainability business.

Our main activities are:
1. Executive Energy Conferences/Seminars
2. Executive Networking events
3. Energy Leaders speeches
4. Strategic and targeted dissemination of scientific research
5. Career Development


Energy & Sustainability Club operates in collaboration with MBA International program of Athens University of Economics & Business.


Energy & Sustainability Club pursues interests in a wide variety of areas such as:

  • Energy corporate finance, private equity & venture capital
  • Energy markets, commodity and derivative trading, energy risk management
  • Energy policy and strategy
  • Oil & gas exploration, transportation and distribution economics (upstream, downstream)
  • Environmental/ ecological sustainability, socio-economic sustainability
  • Renewable energy: wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass
  • Clean tech and smart grid systems
  • Fossil fuel power generation
  • Geopolitics of energy



Energy & Sustainability Club is Official Member of Collegiate Energy Association:
From May 2012 the Club was accepted in the Collegiate Energy Association ( ), the biggest worldwide Business Schools Energy Club Association, with more than 80 undergraduate and graduate student organizations around the world, and member Universities such as Harvard, MIT, Wharton, BERKELEY, INSEAD, HEC, London School of Economics, London Business School e.t.c.