SPEAKER SERIES: Mr. Miltiadis Aslanoglou

AUEB iMBA Energy & Sustainability Club organized with great success the first event of 2013, inviting for a speech the Vice President of Regulatory Authority of Energy (RAE) Mr. Miltiades Aslanoglou, with title “The deregulation of Greek Energy Market: Moving towards an European Internal Market”.

Mr. Dimitris Sarantopoulos, President of AUEB iMBA Energy & Sustainability Club, welcomed Mr. Aslanoglou and described briefly the current situation of Greek energy market which is undergoing an important transformation towards the implementation of target model provisions and 3rd Energy Package in general.

Mr. M. Aslanoglou started his speech thanking Energy & Sustainability Club for this initiative to create this event inside Athens University of Economics & Business. He described thoroughly the new conditions in Greek  Energy sector, mentioning the provisions of 3RD Energy Package, the large penetration of renewable energy resources and the impact of hard financial situation to the whole energy market chain.

Mr. Aslanoglou analyzed the need of compliance with target model structure along with all the conditions which have to be created in order to achieve the security of supply in the long term.

Afterwards, Mr Aslanoglou mentioned the three basic steps for the re-organization of the Greek energy market which are

  1. the security of supply through long-lasting viability of the investments
  2. the market planning based on the development of competition and
  3. the market coupling through the implementation of target model principles.

Finally, the Vice President of RAE explained thoroughly the challenges of the target model implementation and gave some important examples of the proposed structures in the wholesale electricity market.

AUEB iMBA Energy & Sustainability Club thanked Mr. Aslanoglou for the so interesting speech and promised to continue its innovative activity, inviting key Energy Leaders to Athens University of Economics & Business and MBA International program.

You can download mr. Aslanoglou’s presentation here