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Energy City Qatar is the region’s first integrated business hub dedicated to the hydrocarbon industry providing a single point of access to markets and expertise, in what will be the Middle East’s home for global players in the hydrocarbon value chain. The project has the full support of the Qatari government and will lead the way in hydrocarbon above ground resource development.

Energy City Qatar forms part of the major new city development, Lusail, which is being developed by Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company. In addition to business and entertainment districts, this development will be home to up to 200,000 residents.

  • US$2.6 billion ECQ project
  • Low-rise office developments
  • First of its kind, purpose built business cluster dedicated to the energy industry
  • World-class offices for 20,000 people
  • First fully serviced eCity in the world
  • World’s first fully connected business cluster

Attracting Energy

Energy City Qatar will bring energy industry leadership together in one location, attracting investment from significant global players in the hydrocarbon chain thus providing a unique investment opportunity offering high yields and low risk. Energy City Qatar will provide a single point of access to the regional energy industry catering to the specialised commercial, technical and human resource requirements.Energy City Qatar will be home to the national and international energy industry leaders in Oil and Gas production, support services, infrastructure, downstream activities, shipping, market and resource data and energy trading.

  • High Yields
  • Low Risk Investment
  • Providing a single point of access to the regional energy industry
  • Home to the industry leaders
  • Investor friendly environment
  • Commercial

Organized Business Cluster

This organized business cluster offers a fully integrated, dynamic business and residential hub, purpose built for the energy industry providing a single point of access and a Centre of excellence for the energy industry to interact, compete and co-operate at commercial and technical levels.

Energy City Qatar will enable the energy industry players to gain significant efficiencies due to the benefits of clustering, ease of interaction and communication, economies of scale and easier access to opportunities and decision makers at all levels.

  • Fully integrated and dynamic business hub purpose built for the regional energy industry
  • Access to decision makers
  • Innovative technology solutions
  • Ease of communications via ECQ Connect
  • IMEX trading platform
  • Data services provided
  • Conference and Training Centre
  • Procurement Centre

City of the Future

This eCity’s ‘office of the future’ will create new tools and solutions that will enable Oil and Gas companies to achieve a new level of business performance. The highest standards of connectivity and efficiency through strategic alliances with major players in the IT industry will enable Energy City Qatar to deliver technology that can help the global energy industry achieve peak performance.

Software plays a central role in the energy industry and companies require solutions to create the strong infrastructure needed to streamline operations and respond quickly to customer needs. As the world’s first integrated energy business centre, Energy City Qatar will provide this strong infrastructure and be an international showcase for the next generation of technology innovations and promises to play a major role in the economic and social development of this vitally important region of the world.

  • Strategic alliances with major IT industry players
  • First IP connected city in the world
  • World’s first eCity
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • CCTV and sensors provide physical security
  • Data Services

Centre of Excellence

  • IMEX – International Mercantile Exchange
  • A dedicated trading platform for the trade of energy commodity related contracts, futures, derivatives and products in the region
  • Conference and Training Centre
  • World-class conference and training facilities for exhibitions and presentations.
  • Specialized Retail
  • Retail will include restaurants, dry cleaning, office supplies, banks, specialised food hall, medical suites, beauty therapists and travel agents to name a few
  • Global Energy Industry Procurement Centre
  • The world’s first energy global procurement centre. A virtual centre to leverage advanced technology based  on the B2B push/pull model where Oil and Gas companies can offer or seek goods and services
  • Data Services
  • Web hosting, storage and back-up facilities provide tenants with economies of scale
  • Innovative technology and delivers a total service solution tailored to the needs of the residents

It is evident that this is a truly unique vision for the future of Qatar’s economy and energy position in the world market. Apart from Qatar, also India, Libya and Kazakhstan are on their way into creating their own Energy Cities. All four cities will be part of the very same vision.

Taking into account the current financial and energy position of Greece, but also, and more importantly, its geographical position, we can only imagine the opportunities that will arise by developing a similar project in our country. Already, energy is becoming a huge matter for Greece, both for its future development as a country but also from a financial point of view. Let us conceive the following picture: a city where all Europe will be looking at as an exemplar of energy efficiency and where ideas, project planning and literally the future of the region’s energy vision will be originated from. Germany and France are trying to reduce their dependence on nuclear power and there are discussions on how power generation in Greece can help them achieve this target by solar power. Together with the initiation of oil exploration in our area and the development of the renewable energy industry, this could be the chance for Greece to show its potential worldwide.

The long-term huge benefits that a project like this entail for our country can be: moving and setting the weight of the energy industry of the whole region (Europe, north Africa and west Mediterranean) in Greece, strengthening our relationships (political, economical, commercial and cultural) with the countries of the area, becoming more independent financial and energy wise, creating a hub of ideas generation and a point where our scientific manpower and the universities can use their potential, and empowering Greece as a leader and not a follower.

In the short-term, a project of this magnitude will literally give a tremendous boost to our economy since it is a move of actual and so called, these days, development and change the way the world sees us. The positive effect it will have in all parts of our economy is easily identified. First of all, the construction sector, whether it is design companies or contractors, will start moving again. Together with this industry, all related sectors will experience the same development (materials production, transportations, machinery etc). IT companies will be ‘’refreshed’’ and involved in unique projects. Consulting firms, financial institutions and banks will have their own share of the pie.

We understand, thus, the importance of such a project. An Energy City in Greece can integrate all the related activities concerning energy and actually change the map of the whole region for our benefit. Our relations with Qatar and India are already in a good point. We actually have an area that is ideal and we don’t know what to do with it (the former Greek National Airport in ‘’Elliniko’’ area). We have ports and roads that connect us with Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We have one of the biggest, if not the biggest, shipping industries of the world. All that is left to be done is to take the initiative and proceed with the implementation of this idea, work hard towards achieving it and reap its effects that will change the future of Greece.


By Marios Georgaras,
AUEB Energy & Sustainability Club
Executive Member