Mr Spyrou after a short recent historical overview about Renewable Energy and the Market (KYOTO protocol, Green Bible) he focused on the Wind power generation projects.

He presented some useful figures from the European Wind Energy Association about Wind-Power Installations for each of 27 European Countries during the 2010-2011 period. He pointed out that the total installed capacity at the end of 2009 for Asia & Russia was 40.5GW with Japan, China and India to be the pioneers and 38.7GW for North America. Particularly US witnessed an average growth rate of 39% over the past 5 years.

He continued his speech referring to PPC’s first steps towards Renewable Energy Installations in the early 90s and the current position of Greece with more than 1620MW produced by Wind powered plants, 600MW by solar powered fields and around 500MW from hydro powered plants and biomass.

He emphasized the critical role and importance of renewable energy sources not only as a “hot” business sector, but also as the hope for Greek economic recovery. And that’s because Greece is a very attractive place for foreign investments. Today over €2.5 and €1.5 billion have been invested in Wind and Solar projects in Greece respectively.

Nevertheless Greece wasn’t able to reach the 3,000 MW target for 2010. Total installed power from Renewable Energy Sources reached almost 1,000 MW. The new target for 2020 is 7,500 MW from Wind plants, 2,200 MW from solar plants and some few hundred MW from Hydropower plants and biomass.

He concluded his speech referring to some reasons that put Greece future Renewable Energy growth into jeopardy. Among them is the extremely big and unclear environmental legislative framework, the bureaucracy, the politician’s false promises, the unstable state-financing and the intense competition from. He proposed that a long-term programming should take place (Project Helios, Desertec).