Mr. Peter Michel Heilmann President of EuroCharity presented the Eurocharity company which was the communication sponsor of the event.

Eurocharity in a nutshell:

  • Creating income from innovative social business activities
  • Communicating and networking in CSR, green economy, business excellence, responsible investing and sustainability
  • Providing (pro bono or low-priced) communication and networking services to NGOs
  • Committed to annual funding of NGOs members
  • Support to volunteerism, social and environmental activities of our members

A viable economic model:

  • Socially- and environmentally-driven company (social venture)
  • 5 full-time ambassadors (employees)
  • Debt-free since establishment
  • Revenue annual average growth at 64%
  • EBITDA annual average growth at 42%
  • 2010-2011 growth:
    • Revenue: 20%
    • EBITDA: 60%
  • 400+ members (multinationals, SMEs, universities, think tanks, foundations, educational institutions, NGOs, utilities)
  • Hundreds of synergies created among these members
  • Completely self-sustainable (without subsidies or grants)

Return vs. Impact:

  • 12 NGO programmes have received funding (two per year, on average)
  • Average annual NGO project funding as a percentage of:
    • Revenues: 10%
    • EBITDA: 28%
  • Hundreds of working hours invested annually in social and environmental work and activities
  • Catalyst for change