Mr. Dimitriou focused his speech to the role of Transportations related to the Global Energy consumption. The rising global need for transportation makes Clear Energy production even more attractive.

He emphasized that Urban and Suburban Transportations are two sectors that seek for solutions reducing the carbon footprint and provide higher quality of citizens’ life.

Increasing conventional fuel prices, rising GDPs and the growth of emerging countries – commerce hubs like China, are also important reasons for increasing Transportations demand.

As far as Greece is concerned, transportations (mainly road transportations) absorb around 35%-38% of total Energy demand. 98% of this demand is based on Petrol. Based on Kyoto treaty Greece had to reduce its carbon footprint by 25% in 2010 compared to 1990.

Mr. Dimitriou mentioned some high tech renewable-energy source transportation equipment models like: Solar ships, hydrogen planes, magnetic trains, hybrid buses, wind/electric cars as well as energy consumption-reduction methods like: urban green planting, wind and solar parks in major urban hubs, bus station shelters with solar panels.

He continued his speech about the interoperability of transportation means in the future. Passengers may have economic limitations when choosing a specific transportation mean to travel to achieve the desired allocation of transportation means based on their carbon footprint.

He mentioned that each one’s behavior and consciousness should be in line with Environmental sustainability. Governmental and Non-Governmental institutions should awaken citizens about fuel saving, reduction of carbon and noise pollution.

He concluded saying that the market even the leading companies like BP and Shell Gas are making strategic planning to invest a great deal on Clean Energy in the next years.