Mr. Dimitris Sarantopoulos – Director of AUEB Energy & Sustainability Club presented the structure and vision of the 1st Business School Energy Club in Greece.

In particular:

AUEB Energy & Sustainability Club strives to achieve the below objectives:

  • Create a knowledge pipeline between academia and market
  • Create a forum of discussion among energy professionals and academia analyzing the hotly debated topics of energy today
  • Promote and maintain a strong relationship between Athens University of Economics and Business, alumni, energy companies, and policy makers
  • Encourage communication with other Energy Clubs all over the world

The AUEB Energy & Sustainability Club encourage and promote Innovation in energy through collaboration with six top laboratories of Department of Management Science and Technology which are:

  1. Management Science Laboratory
  2. E-Business Center (ELTRUN)
  3. Laboratory for Strategy & Entrepreurship (ESTE)
  4. Logistics & Transport Laboratory (TRANSLOG)
  5. Information System Laboratory
  6. Organisational Behaviour & Leadership Laboratory (CROB-L)

AUEB Energy & Sustainability Club organize the following activities:

  • Monthly Energy Newsletter
  • In-House Events: Annual Energy Symposium, regular speakers series, conferences, forums, information sessions
  • External Events: Field trips in energy infrastructures and visits in energy companies
  • Career Development Sessions
  • Energy Club Alumni association Green energy initiatives

AUEB Energy & Sustainability Club pursues interests in a wide variety of areas such as:

  • Renewable Energy: wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass
  • Oil & gas exploration, transportation and distribution
  • Energy corporate finance, private equity & venture capital
  • Energy markets, commodity and derivative trading, energy risk management
  • Energy Policy and Strategy, Energy economics
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Clean tech and smart grid systems Gas Fired & Lignite Power Plants